Who is DOGPAW?

DOGPAW is a non-profit who creates and maintains off-leash dog parks in SW Washington. Dog parks are a vital part of our community’s quality of life giving dogs and their people places to run, walk, play, and thrive. Getting outside with your dog will make you both happier and healthier!

Why are dog parks needed?

Well exercised and socialized dogs make for better neighbors and friends. A well-behaved dog starts with a dog who is happy, and a happy dog is one who has used up all his energy doing what dogs do best – running and playing and sniffing.


Off-leash parks give dogs a chance to run, chase balls, sniff stuff and catch up with dog friends. And it gives their human owners opportunities to find new friends or spend time with old ones, walk in nature and enjoy some bonding time with their four-legged friend.


Non-dog owners can benefit from having better dog neighbors who have had opportunities to run off their energy in the safe open spaces of a dog park. Dog parks help reduce the impact of dogs in neighborhoods and help keep dogs out of shelters by reducing destructive and annoying behaviors with exercise.

What does DOGPAW do?

DOGPAW is committed to the continuing establishment and maintenance of off-leash dog parks in SW Washington. Our work starts with advocacy in the community – finding land, and working with Clark County to pay for the permitting process.


Once permits are in place we move onto the fencing and building process – creating walking trails, agility courses, tunnels and hills – all the things a dog and their people would love. Once the dog park is in existence DOGPAW continues to maintain the parks with mowing, weed maintenance, grass replacement and all the ongoing work that keeps the dog parks maintained and safe.


DOGPAW is committed to providing areas where dogs, and their people, can enjoy fresh air, open spaces, and meet new or old friends.

How can YOU help?

The sustainability of DOGPAW dog parks in Southwest Washington is funded by dog owner memberships, donations, business sponsors and volunteer hours. Every blade of grass, gate, fence, trail, and bench are maintained and funded by DOGPAW members and volunteers.


NO tax dollars are at work.


The continuing existence of DOGPAW and the parks they maintain are at risk. Without further funding and help from the community DOGPAW off-leash dog parks will disappear from Southwest Washington. We need your help to keep DOGPAW dog parks going strong in our community.



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     DOGPAW tax identification number is 55-0886805

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