Story Behind Our Parks

dogpaw has 4 off-leash parks in Clark County, Washington. No tax dollars go to maintain DOGPAW Off-leash parks. Our parks are maintained by volunteers who give of their time and energy to help maintain the parks. Membership fees and business sponsorships pay for the cost of running the parks and, eventually, will help build new ones. All of our off-leash dog parks are named after Vancouver and Clark County Police K9s killed in the line of duty.

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Why dogpaw?

dogpaw passionately believes off-leash dog parks are valuable to the whole community because they:

  • Provide community green space
  • Create a place for community dog activities
  • Allow dogs and people to socialize and meet friends
  • Reduce dog owner surrenders due to bad behaviors
  • Give happiness to dogs from being well-exercised

What dogpaw Members Say

The service that dogpaw provides is invaluable! The dog parks are well maintained and it's great to have a place to take our big dog to go run!

- Bryndl

What a treasure for dog owners! I just moved to the area and I have been to Dog Paw almost every day wth my dogs. I'm so grateful this place exists! I didn't have a place like this where I lived before.

- Susan

My dog is nuts for going to the dog park to play with other dogs. I hope we can all pull together and keep this amazing park system going!

- Stephanie

Latest News/Events

A message from your dogpaw President:

Changes are coming!

Have you heard the latest news? There’s a bunch!


First, you may have heard some rumors that Clark County is diving in to help us. It’s true! Details to come…


Second, watch the bulletin boards at the parks, social media, and the web for the date and location of 2019’s first open DOGPAW meeting! Meet our current Board members, find out what DOGPAW’s current situation is and where we want it to be. Send your questions to me: I will try to address all questions at the meeting, time permitted. We have some terrific news to share. Granted, the news doesn’t quite rate with the warm fuzzies that my dog’s wagging tail gives me, but it does mean that my dog will have something to wag his tail about 😊 And guaranteeing his happiness and joy is why I joined DOGPAW’s Board. I expect the meeting to be in early February with the location still being decided. As soon as I know, I’ll get the word out. Keep watching…and send your questions to me.


Oh, and give your dogs an ear scratch for me!



Not ready to be part of dogpaw? You can still join our events to support us!

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